This is a checklist that must be read when you close the restaurant. And used as a checklist

This list must be complete in its entirety BY THE NIGHT SHIFT BEFORE we go home regardless of what time it is.

This list WILL be updated from time to time as we may have missed some things So if it is posted again on “WhatsApp” please read through it

Lots of this can be done before we are actually closed

Al lot of this we already know but a lot is being missed.

This is where the day and the night shift need to communicate and work together getting this list done.

OBS. Leave the restaurant how you would like to get it left for you.  Thank you.

Front Area

Clean Tables

Chairs and rug up then sweep and mop

Marquis up / Outdoor furniture in

Water bottles emptied and put away

Serving tomatoes and onions put into shakshuka containers

Wipe down pickles shelf

Stock napkins, forks, plastic to go containers

Speakers turned off

Window closed

Kassa counted

Lights off

Alarm on

Door locked

Kitchen Area

Take Garbage out and clean garbage cans

Put soda cans into plastic bag

Empty coffee and tea canisters and rinse

Wipe down freezer drawers and wall

Empty Dishwasher and clean the filter

Wipe down dishwasher inside and out

Unplug the bread warmer and coffee pot

Stock sodas and beers

Mark all breads with the days date

All glasses and forks go out front respective places

Take out cardboard, glass and metal trash to recycling.